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Pole Sport - for serious dancing

With the help of brands such as X-Pole the world of pole dancing has left the strip clubs and entered the sports halls, but serious sport needs serious equipment and serious training. The serious pole dancers take their training every bit as seriously as any other athlete – watch this space as pole dancing makes its way into the mainstream sports arena of the Olympic family. The pole dancing moves combine strength with grace and are constantly evolving, as would be expected with any new sport, with codified scoring systems and international competitions then the unified poledance movement will establish itself as a major sporting body.


Stripper Poles - pole dancing shorts

For some the world of pole dance never really left the strip clubs where it started off, so being a broad church there is plenty of room for those that consider pole dancing more about the art of the erotic than a part of the major sporting world. For them then the sweating and getting short of breath is for after the performance is over - those that keep on their pole dancing shorts. This is great and shows the versatility of pole dance; perhaps both could be combined together? With a bit of confidence then anyone can strut around a pole – just look at Kate Moss and the White Stripes to see how easily the slinky air of a confident stripper can overcome the lack of ability as a pole dancer. For the strippers it is definitely worth considering peekaboo as another option to the X-Pole.


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Pole Dancing Shorts

pole dancing shorts

They don’t need to be very big – but pole dancing shorts do need to be quite clever!
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Pole Dance Marathon

poledance marathon

Eight dancers from the Northern Pole Dance school are running in the Klieder marathon (10k run!)

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Pole Dancing “Sexist”?

Swansea Pole Fitness

Who would have thought in amongst all of the binge-drinking and fornicating freshers there is such a prudish core at universities?

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Pole Dancers Run

muddy pole dancer

It isn’t all glamour in the world of pole dancing – it can get dirty too! The x-rated mudrun (more) is for pole dancers, strippers or anyone that feels like getting dirty!

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X-Pole Xpert or RPole

x-pole xpert

The queen of the Pole official site the closest you get to royalty in the world of pole dance!

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X-Pole at Burning Man

When the people head off into the dessert then the one thing they always pack (as well as water) is always going to be a pole dancing pole! So watch the video compilations to help celebrate the playa! Although they are looking for a fireman’s pole so are expecting plenty of girth! Find Out

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X-Stage vs Platinum Stage

X-Stage or Platinum Stage? If you need a portable podium it can be quite an investment costing many hundreds of dollars – but the selection is really only limited to two different brands – so whiich is it the X-Stage by X-Pole of platinum pole’s Platinum Stage?

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Felix Cane Interview

Some comedy clowning and a demo of why a spinning dance pole can be hard for beginners – and an interview Read More…

Cirque du Soleil – Pole Dance

Cirque du Soleil make everything bigger and more theatrical – they have re-written the book on what circus means and perhaps with their showman style they can bring pole-dance to the big top where it will grow to huge proportions…. Read More…

Miss Pole Dance Japan 2012


A truly international sport – pole dancing from east to west and all around the globe!



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